Here鈥檚 a statistic that鈥檚 kind of bonkers: the average consumer owns almost 40 cosmetic聽products but only keeps five on hand on a day-to-day basis. In other words, most of us own eight times 鈥 yep, eight times 鈥 more makeup than we normally use. Just as bad, according to Stowaway Cosmetics, is the fact that 89 percent of women surveyed 鈥渉ang onto old makeup just in case they might need it later鈥 even though 87 percent of them are aware that makeup can and does expire. And we鈥檝e seen the dangers of expired makeup. Ugh, gross.

The most common cosmetics we hang on to for way too long are mascaras, eyeliners and eyeshadows, the survey says, even though they tend to be the quickest to reach their expiration dates. And overall, 75 percent of us have a tendency not to use up makeup until it鈥檚 empty. There鈥檚 now a subscription makeup service that not only cuts down on waste, but is cruelty-free as well. It鈥檚 called Stowaway. It鈥檚 the makeup subscription box that鈥檚 here to save us from ourselves.


In short, it consists of just the basics, presented in perfect quantities 鈥 bigger than travel size, but smaller than full size 鈥 so we鈥檒l use 鈥檈m without letting anything go to waste (or putting our health in jeopardy in the process). There are six products in the line: BB cream, concealer, eyeliner, cheek and lip rouge, lipstick and mascara (available in two formulas). All range from $10 to $22, and a starter kit runs $75 for a set of all six. Subscribers who sign up for regular boxes in the mail can customize their requests 鈥 no fuss, no muss and no trash left over either.


Cruelty-free? Check. Paraben-free? Check. Plus, it鈥檚 held to the European Union cosmetic standards (which are way stricter than US regulations and ban a lot more iffy ingredients than America does). There are even a couple of vegan options thrown into the mix, and all the Stowaway products are also gluten-free.

Just don鈥檛 eat them, okay?

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