Believe it or not, school is going to be back in session before you know it. Where the summer went, we have no idea. You’ve already got the kids’ BTS breakfasts planned and they have their new lunchboxes picked out (crucial), so it’s time to spend the rest of the summer wisely. Break up all the time spent poolside, and get the kids in the kitchen for some fun projects. Whether you try making dessert sushi together or experiment with homemade butter, the bonding time you’ll get from these 12 activities are priceless.

1. Apple Fruit Donuts: This alternative to the real deal is much healthier, and they can have fun decorating them however they want. (via Hello Wonderful)

2. Bread in a Bag: Nothing can teach kids (or adults) patience quite like making bread from scratch. They’ll get to learn about the process of yeast activation, and thanks to the bag, the mess will be minimal. (via Your Homebased Mom)

3. Candy Dots With Kool-Aid: This no-bake recipe requires only three ingredients and a few strips of parchment paper to come together. Let the kids take turns mixing the flavors and piping the dots in various sizes. (via This Grandma Is Fun)

4. DIY Candy Necklaces: You’ve got to love jewelry that doubles as an afternoon snack. Have the kids string Fruit Loops, alphabet pretzels, and gummy Life Savers on a string for tasty hand-eye coordination practice. (via Design Improvised)

5. Chocolate-Dipped Frozen Bananas: The kiddos are going to have so much fun making their own chocolate-dipped bananas. Set out a plethora of various nuts, coconut, and sprinkles, and let them go to town. (via Sugar Hero)

6. Homemade Butter Science Activity Make Butter in a Jar: Science experiments shouldn’t stop when school lets out for summer. Play Ms. Frizzle and teach them about fat molecules by letting them make their own butter from heavy cream. (via Little Bins for Little Hands)

7. Mini Jell-O Aquariums: The little ones will cherish these cute DIY Jell-O aquariums. The Nerds, blue Jell-O, and Swedish Fish make for a tasty snack, but the end result is so cute they may not want to eat them. (via Confessions of a Cookbook Queen)

8. Lawn Mower Rice Krispie Treats: If you’re babysitting and need to keep the kids busy for a while, these edible lawn mowers will give you a quiet afternoon. Give them instructions on how to assemble them, and then set them free to do their own version. (via In the Kids Kitchen)

9. Teddy Bear Jell-O Pool: If you can’t make it to the pool or beach, these adorable Jell-O pools are an entertaining indoor alternative. Each cup gets teddy bear sunbathers, gummy pool floats, and a mini umbrella for shade. (via I Heart Naptime)

10. Marshmallow Treat Sushi: Monkey see, monkey do. If you’re always eating sushi, the kids will love the chance to make a dessert version that they can eat with chopsticks just like you. (via Jelly Toast)

11. Ocean Floats: Blue punch, lemon-lime soda, and vanilla ice cream create a beautiful float when mixed together with fish candies. Make it a whole ocean day and watch Finding Nemo and Finding Dory on repeat. (via The Crafting Chicks)

12. Under the Sea Graham Crackers: For this artsy activity, you’ll need whole graham crackers and crumbs, Goldfish, blue frosting, white ball sprinkles, and red and green sprinkles. (via The First Year)

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