Zucchini tends to get a lot of attention due to its flexibility. Between cheesy stuffed zucchini boats, desserts, and zoodles, the options are truly endless. But don’t skip harvesting the bright yellow blossoms protruding from your zucchini crop. Since the female blossoms are the only ones who produce fruit, you can gather the male flowers without worrying about impeding the plant’s production. Still a little skeptical? These 11 stunning recipes will galvanize you.

1. Jalapeño Popper Beer-Battered Squash Blossoms: Forget the usual jalapeño poppers — these gems are beer-battered and stuffed with a creamy, spicy, dairy-free filling, and it’s what dreams are made of. (via Artful Desperado)

2. Stuffed Ricotta Squash Blossoms: Stuffed with pillowy ricotta and tangy Parm, these crispy fried squash blossoms are delicate and absolutely perfect for summer entertaining. (via Yin and Yolk)

3. Squash Bossom Frittata: This recipe takes your average frittata and amps it up with squash blossoms for a heavenly brunch dish that tastes as good as it looks. (via The Truffle Journal)

4. A Salad for Summer: This seasonal hodgepodge serves up all of the important elements of a salad with the exciting addition of squash blossoms and pita crisps. (via Wild Greens and Sardines)

5. Farmers’ Market Quinoa Salad With Squash Blossoms: Hit up your farmers’ market, grab your fave produce, and throw together a bountiful quinoa salad in a snap with the addition of freshly harvested zucchini flowers. (via Yummy Beet)

6. 50-Clam Squash Blossom Pizza: We’re not sure if the sweet and juicy clams are the star of this pizza pie, or if it’s the super pretty squash blossoms. Either way, we want to eat the entire thing. (via Wild Greens and Sardines)

7. Zucchini Pasta: Seasonal pastas are pure bliss, but they can be made even better with a lovely combination of zucchini and their blossoms. Tossed in smooth ricotta, this dinner only takes 15 minutes to from start to finish. (via Susan’s Table)

8. Stuffed Squash Blossoms: These beauty blossoms are brimming with velvety ricotta, but instead of being fried, they’re baked to a lovely crisp and served over dressed-up greens for a healthier spin. (via Carolina Girl Cooks)

9. Potato Crusted Pizza With Garlic Scape Pesto and Squash Blossoms: This pizza bends the rules in the BEST way by using potatoes for a base, garlic scape pesto as a sauce, and squash blossoms to top it all off. (via Gratitude and Greens)

10. Squash, Corn, Roasted Poblano, and Squash Blossom Tacos: Friends, Taco Tuesday just got a LOT more exciting by stuffing tortillas with roasted poblano, juicy corn kernels, tender squash, and its succulent blossoms. (via Wild Greens and Sardines)

11. Baked Omelette With Zucchini Flowers: Brunch has always been known to elevate breakfast foods with elegant twists, but this soft and tasty omelette with tomatoes, Parm, a dash of nutmeg, and squash blossoms takes the proverbial cake. (via Burczymiwbrzuchu)

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