Once you have successfully installed iOS 10 (which is harder than it sounds, considering the update effectively bricked many users鈥 iPhones), you鈥檒l notice that Apple has made some pretty awesome changes under the hood. Here are the 19 features we are most excited about.


1.聽Quickly unsubscribe from newsletters.聽Now you can unsubscribe from those newsletters that are clogging your inbox and that you know you鈥檒l never read 鈥斅爎ight from within the Apple Mail app! At the top of the message, there is a dialogue box informing you that the content was sent to you as part of a mailing list, along with a helpful blue 鈥渦nsubscribe鈥 button. Easy-peasy!


2.聽Filter messages by unread.聽Another great feature in the Mail app 鈥斅燼 little late to the game maybe, but it鈥檚 here now 鈥斅爄s the ability to filter your emails by unread. A simple tap on the filter icon in the bottom left corner will allow you to change the setting to 鈥淔iltered by: Unread.鈥 No more sifting through your thousands of emails to find the two unread messages that are keeping that annoying red badge present on your nicely organized home screen.


3.聽Prioritize app installation.聽If you鈥檝e ever downloaded multiple apps (or app updates) at once and been frustrated when the one you聽really wanted ended up being last, you鈥檒l love iOS 10. Now you can use 3D Touch on any app waiting to be downloaded and you鈥檒l get the option to 鈥淧rioritize Download鈥 so you don鈥檛 have to wait anymore for the apps you really care about.


4.聽Hide unwanted apps.聽FINALLY Apple has heard our prayers and now allows the removal of those pesky apps that no one uses (looking at you, Stocks). Simply long press on the apps like you would with any other apps and press the little 鈥渪鈥 that appears.


5.聽Optimized storage.聽Apple Music has made some changes as well. If you find your music is taking up too much space on your iPhone (and you haven鈥檛 pre-ordered the new, larger-capacity iPhone), you can tell Apple Music to free up that space by removing downloaded songs you haven鈥檛 listened to for a certain period of time. Go to Settings > Music > Downloaded to access this feature.


6. Enjoy nonstop tunes.聽Now the music won鈥檛 stop if you open up Camera to take a photo. It will still stop if you take video or record your voice, however.


7.聽Close all Safari tabs.聽If you鈥檙e like us and somehow accrue upwards of 20 tabs in Safari, rest assured you can now close them all simultaneously; just open Safari and hit the tab view button (the two overlapping squares in the bottom right). From here, long press on 鈥淒one鈥 to bring up the option to 鈥淐lose 20 Tabs.鈥


8.聽Close all notifications.聽No longer do we have to suffer through hitting the 鈥渪鈥 for each group of apps in the Notification Center. Now you can do it by just using 3D Touch on ONE 鈥渪鈥 to bring up the option to 鈥淐lear All.鈥


9. Choose flashlight dimmer options.聽Now you can avoid blinding your S.O. as you fumble around in the morning trying to get ready for school or work. Pulling up the control center and using 3D Touch on the flashlight icon will pull up three options for brightness: low, medium and high. Perfect for when you need light, but not聽that much light.


10.聽Send read receipts only to certain people.聽If you only want to let some people know when you鈥檝e seen their messages, you can tap on the 鈥榠鈥 icon in the circle at the top right of their messages to toggle read receipts for that contact only. You can toggle 鈥淒o Not Disturb鈥 here too, so if someone is bothering you, you can silence them for a while.


11.聽Conserve data with lower quality images.聽Usually you don鈥檛 need to send National Geographic-worthy photos to your friends, so if you head over to Settings > Messages> Enable Low Quality Image Mode, it will reduce the image quality so that you don鈥檛 use as much data.


12.聽Go back to Touch to Unlock.聽If you鈥檙e like us and miss simply touching the home button to unlock your iPhone, don鈥檛 worry 鈥斅爕ou can restore this feature by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button and enable 鈥淩est Finger to Open.鈥 Pretty retro, right?


13.聽Raise to wake.聽We鈥檙e sure you鈥檝e discovered this one already, but it鈥檚 worth mentioning because it鈥檚 so dang useful. Now you can simply raise your phone to see the notifications on your lock screen without accidentally bypassing it because you need to touch a button to wake it up.


14.聽Third-party apps can now use Siri.聽Before, the use of Siri was limited to Apple apps and simple requests like looking up something on the Internet or calculating a sum. Now, the apps Siri supports include LinkedIn, Lyft and Venmo, to name a few. Go to Settings > Siri > App Support to toggle which apps can use Siri.


15.聽Handle notifications from the lock screen 鈥 and other apps.聽Using 3D Touch on various notifications on the lock screen will allow you to interact directly with them without unlocking your phone and opening the app in question. You can also handle notifications from other apps. For example, if you get a message while you鈥檙e surfing the Internet, you can pull down on the message alert to quickly respond to it 鈥 a lot easier than going back and forth between apps.


16.聽Search photos with keywords.If you can鈥檛 find a photo you鈥檙e looking for just by scrolling through all the photos you鈥檝e taken, you can search using simple keywords like 鈥渟unset鈥 or 鈥渓awn.鈥When you search, you鈥檒l see that some categories have already been created.


17.聽Shout (or whisper) in iMessages.聽Sometimes, messages just don鈥檛 carry enough weight. Sometimes you need to shout. After you鈥檝e typed your message, long press on the blue send button (this only works in iMessages, not regular SMS messages) and options will appear to make the text loud or gentle, and you can make an even bigger impact by having the message slam into place.


18. Send fireworks, lasers and confetti.聽If the loud and quiet features aren鈥檛 enough for you, you can also shower your friends鈥 screens with confetti, lasers and fireworks, among other things.


19.聽Have your voicemails transcribed.聽When you receive a voicemail and hit 鈥減lay,鈥 your iPhone will now transcribe your voicemail so you can quickly read it instead of having to listen to it. Since this feature is still in its early stages, it can鈥檛 capture every single word perfectly, but we鈥檝e tried it and are happy to say that it does well enough to make the message understandable, even if there are a few blanks.

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