People are all about their superfoods these days — acai bowl recipes have *never* been more popular — but the actual term can be a tough one to define. To put it simply, a superfood is any ingredient that’s high in important nutrients like vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, protein, antioxidants, or healthy fats. And now we know EXACTLY which states are eating the most popular ones.

According to Natierra, California buys more goji berries, hemp foods, chia seeds, and cacao products than any other state in the country. That might not be too surprising, but some of the other superfood-obsessed states are slightly less expected.

Take Texas, for example. The home of barbecue also happens to be the second-largest consumer of cacao and the third-largest consumer of hemp. Illinois and Wisconsin are both big purchasers of goji berries and hemp, while Georgia and New York are crazy about chia.

Here are the top five rankings for the purchasers of these four popular superfoods.

Goji Berries

1. California

2. Florida

3. Pennsylvania

4. Wisconsin

5. New York


1. California

2. Texas

3. Florida

4. Pennsylvania

5. Illinois


1. California

2. Florida

3. Wisconsin

4. Georgia

5. New York


1. California

2. Illinois

3. Texas

4. Florida

5. Wisconsin

Other than Cali, Wisconsin looks to be the shining star when it comes to superfood consumption. You’ve impressed us, cheeseheads.

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