October brings us National Seafood Month, but unlike most food-focused months, this one isn’t all about ‘gramming and #hashtagging your fave meal. (Though we still encourage it.) National Seafood Month provides the seafood industry the opportunity to bring attention to the obstacles it faces like putting the kibosh on overfishing in the industry. It also gives consumers a chance to learn about the health benefits of a seafood-rich diet, to get to know sustainable fisheries, and to make smarter seafood choices like supporting ocean-conscious companies like Fishpeople.

Fishpeople are good people

The folks at Fishpeople aim to make waves with their passion for traceability, sustainability, and their easy-to-use seafood kits so YOU can help put an end to overfishing too. This Portland-based company began in 2012 after Duncan Berry and Kipp Baratoff bonded over their interest and worry over the poor state of coastal fisheries. Overfishing has diminished *so* many fish stocks and, unfortunately, a whopping 90 percent of catch and jobs are sent overseas. Together, they made it their mission to “re-imagine North America’s relationship to the sea” and are offering peace of mind to consumers that are concerned about the sketchy areas of the seafood industry.

Transparent and proud

Working with independent small-scale fishermen, Fishpeople stamp product boxes with a code that allows you to trace your catch’s journey right back to it’s original source. By entering this code, you can see exactly where your food came from — right down to the fishery and its captain — bringing knowing where your seafood comes from to a whole new level of awesome.

Wildly delicious seafood kits

In addition to their ready-to-heat-and-eat soups and frozen seafood fillets, Fishpeople have seafood kits. Along with step-by-step instructions, each kit comes complete with two wild-caught fillets, toppers, garnishes, foil for sealing moisture, and a baking tray to make your clean-up just as easy as your cooking.

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