“Dream wedding” is such a loaded term. On one hand, you want to have the most Pinterest-worthy, poignantly memorable and most “day I can brag about to my grandkids” nuptials of all time. On the other, you want your ledger to be in the black when you’re starting your new life with your spouse. Presumably, we’re not all superstars who can afford $31 million dollar weddings. The cost of flowers, table settings, cake, hair and makeup, venue rental and more can sometimes seem like highway robbery when you are over your wedding budget, and yet— you still want that dream wedding (of course, having a DIYable wedding can save costs and still get you results). The struggle could not be more real. There’s now a startup in the works in Seattle that aims to help you pay for your big day… but with a major catch.

An Interracial couple holding hands backlit by the flaring sun

Swanluv, which launches in 58 days, will give qualifying couples $10,000 toward their nuptials, and it’s “free” money so long as you stay together. In case things fall apart however, that free money turns into a loan with accrued interest. According to Swanluv, they don’t profit from your divorce (according to their site, they plan to stay in business by ad revenue) and 100 percent of the original seed money regained + interest goes to funding other couples’ dream weddings.

Not to make a disturbing analogy or anything, but it feels a little like building your fairytale on the crushed dreams of others. Swanluv claims to select their couples by “[leveraging] online data” and using “an algorithm software technology to quickly assess applicant risk to determine funding offers.”

Not quite sure if they’re betting on couples who have better odds of lasting or better odds of falling apart, but they do offer free marriage counseling!

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