This weekend on another edition of What’s App-ening, we found a little somethin’ somethin’ for everyone. There’s a game for design nerds, a platform for budding DJs of the video variety to get their spin on and a daily tracking app that will do way more than tell you how many steps you walked or how much time you spent looking at celebrity gossip (none hahahaha). See what we recently downloaded below and keep scrolling for a look at more of our favorite hits from the week!

1. Sympler: Reeeee-mix! Although this time we’re not talking music, Mr. DJ **record scratch** this app lets you scroll through a community of sweet video mashups and remix and edit them to killer tunes to make and share your own viral hits. Check out some of the best of the best on Sympler’s Tumblr and aspire to similar greatness in your own mixed masterpieces.

Cost: Free for iOS

2. DESIGNerd 100+ Series: The title says it all! Design devotees can flex their knowledge of design history and quirky facts with trivia handpicked by some of the biggest playas in the game. The design game, that is. Answer trivia questions and “oh, reeeeally?” at “Did ya know?”s in this (duh) well-designed game.

Cost: $1.99 for iOS

3. Hook’d: Think you’re a bad singer? Think again, or just accept that fact and move on to download this app, which lets you turn your iPhone into the kind of recording studio our beloved Britney Spears is accustomed to. Create catchy hooks and adjust the reverb and echo, bring up the track or the vocals and there’s even a fix if you’re a little pitchy today, dawg. It could all be fun ‘n’ games or, aspiring songbirds, you could catch your big break here if your video makes it into the right inbox.

Cost: Free for iOS

4. Flimo HD: We love a good hack and this one takes the Vimeo viewing experience on Android to the next level by letting users watch videos in HD + like and comment on favorites within the app. Reviews even say that this download is better than Vimeo’s official offering, which does not support HD viewing. So there.

Cost: Free for Android

5. GetYou: Finding out what kind of first impression you give to people? There is an app for that and this is it. Debatably. GetYou is like version 10.0 of Hot or Not, where you can put up a profile and let people tell you how old they think you are (uh, sounds like my nightmare, but k) what kind of job they think you have or whether you’re married or single. The company may have recently received another round of funding but they’ve also gotten some not so great press for the seriously scathing commenting and hating going on on this app. This ain’t your shockingly sweet Lulu — on here, people can be downright mean so DL at your own will.

Cost: Free for Android, get download links here

App We’re Signing Up to Beta Test —WiseTime: Out of all the apps that promise to help you find that work-life balance we all hear and dream about, this one we kinda believe. It’s still in beta testing, but we’re putting it on our radar now. WiseTime helps you assign value to your time and invest in priorities by summing your day up into categories like “community,” “work,” “me time” and “sleep.”

Cost: It’s still in beta. Sign up to be a part of the experiment!


Kate Bosworth’s Style Thief: The actress-turned-appreneur is launching a new snap-and-shop app similar to ASAP54 to help you steal style from her and others.

Glow Nurture: This app takes women’s health to a whole new level with a way to track your pregnancy and help you figure out what to expect while you’re expecting — while you’re actually expecting.

12 Free Fitness Apps: Get your buns in gear on the go, yo!

What apps did you download this week? What’s your favorite DL of recent? Share with us below plzzzz!