So your tacky sweater party is just around the corner, huh? Chances are you’ve already found an amazingly horrific sweater (those adjectives can go together, right?), but did you think about accessories? Diamond studs and a minimalistic necklace aren’t going to cut it for a costume occasion like this. A tacky sweater calls for equally over the top accessories. Think jingle bell rings, light up necklaces and ornament earrings. Take a gander at these 15 pieces of holiday jewelry that are equal parts tacky and adorable.


1. Candy Cane Earrings ($5): They might not taste as good as the real thing, but they’ll sure look great. Here’s a fun way to add some sparkle to your look without going too wild (expect for, you know, the tacky sweater).


2. Mylar Rosette Headband: With a bit of an abstract twist, this DIY headband is made from mylar for a shiny head topper. (via Brit + Co)


3. LED Glitter Christmas Tree Shades ($8): Really go for it with these shades that light up — your face and the dance floor.


4. Jingle Bell Earrings ($5): Go for a classic Christmas color scheme with these noisy earrings. Just remember you have these on after you you’ve had a few drinks and start complaining about a ringing in your ears.


5. Ornament Drop Earrings ($5): A little bit tacky, but mostly totally cute. These simple red ornament earrings get a makeover with some white polka dots and glitter.


6. Present Pendant ($10): Wrap up your look with this eye-catching neck piece (see what I did there?). This fun pendant comes in red or gold so you can choose whichever option will contrast your sweater better.


7. Bow and Ornament Earrings ($17): These earrings are one of the more expensive items on the list, but my goodness are these cute. Forget the sweater party, we’d wear these for the entire month of december.


8. Christmas Light Earrings ($10): If you want to really go for the Christmas light look, pop these on with the blinking light necklace and call it good.


9. Gift Wrap Bow: Grab a bow from your gift wrapping supply and attach it to a hair clip to top off your outfit. (via Caught on a Whim)

10. Santa Claus Troll Earrings ($): And now for the mother of all tacky christmas accessories. You wont even need a sweater to win best dressed with these gems.


11. Holiday Tinsel Headband ($7): Rethink the purpose of holiday tinsel. Sure it can make your house look great but it can make your head look even better.


12. Jingle Bell Ring ($2): Add a little bit of jingle to those meet n’ greets.


13. Penguin Stud Earrings ($12): Go for the cute factor with these adorable polymer clay earrings. A ballerina bun is definitely in order to show off these babies.


14. Christmas Tree Ring ($12): Skip the snow globe and just keep the good stuff with this miniature christmas tree ring.


15. Versatile Ornament Accessory: Grab some mini ornaments and safety pins for this piece that can either be a fun crown or statement necklace. Choose variations of silver and gold for a more subtle look or go full rainbow on this thing. (via Brit + Co)

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