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Celebrity News
Hallmark Will No Longer Work With Lori Loughlin Amid the College Admissions Scandal
Desiree O · Mar 14, 2019
Appeals Court Stacked With Trump Appointees Says Ohio Republicans Can De-Fund Planned Parenthood
Elizabeth King · Mar 13, 2019
Current Events
The Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman Fraud Scandal Is a Parable About Wealth Inequality in America
Kat Armstrong · Mar 12, 2019
Womens Health
Planned Parenthood Is Suing the Trump Administration Over Its New Abortion ‘Gag Rule’
Elizabeth King · Mar 7, 2019
Current Events
People Are Applauding Gayle King’s Composure in That Explosive R. Kelly Interview
Kat Armstrong · Mar 6, 2019
Current Events
Jussie Smollett, the Chicago Police, and What We Mean by ‘Presumption of Innocence’
Elizabeth King · Feb 26, 2019
Not Everyone Is Happy With ‘Green Book’ Winning Best Picture at the 2019 Oscars
Kat Armstrong · Feb 25, 2019
Current Events
Despite What Some Pundits Are Saying, Hate Crimes Aren’t Just Real — They’re on the Rise
Kat Armstrong · Feb 22, 2019
Proposed Crackdown on Spousal Visas for Skilled Workers Suggests a Pattern in Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Agenda
Elizabeth King · Feb 22, 2019
Current Events
Singer R. Kelly Officially Charged With Criminal Sexual Abuse
Kat Armstrong · Feb 22, 2019
Current Events
Here’s a Rundown of Everything We Know About the Jussie Smollett Investigation
Kat Armstrong · Feb 21, 2019
Current Events
Death of Nurse-Kissing Sailor from Famous Photo Reignites Controversy Over Its Legacy
Kat Armstrong · Feb 20, 2019
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