For many of us, the holidays are a time where we can enjoy spending our hard-earned money with near-reckless abandon. We love doing loads of our gift-shopping at Target, and one store in PA is showing us why we should never feel bad about a quick after-work Target pop-in. With “quiet” Santa visits coming up throughout the country, Target didn’t want to be left out. They are now offering a quiet shopping experience for people on the autism spectrum, proving that understanding and respect for those who have different needs isn’t a bad thing and should extend beyond special clothing.


In an effort to help families with autistic members, the Target in Lancaster, PA is offering a “quiet” morning of shopping this Saturday from 6-8am. Many people with autism can suffer from very intense sensory sensitivities, and this store, partnering with a local autism group, wanted to ensure that all their customers felt safe and welcome during the busy holiday season.

When approached by Bustle Magazine, a Target spokesperson said, “At Target, we are committed to creating an environment where our team members and guests feel welcome, valued and respected. As part of that commitment, we empower our store leaders to make decisions that help meet the needs of the guests they serve. The store leader of our Lancaster East store worked with his team and local community partners to create a welcoming shopping event for his guests on the autism spectrum and we applaud his efforts.”

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This event will see the store with lower levels on their lights, no music and an overall sense of calm and relaxation while community members shop with ease. We’re really grateful to see more businesses respecting the needs of all people, and can’t wait to see this roll out as a regular initiative not just over the holidays, but all year round, and all across the country.

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