Instagram has been making some big changes to the video section of its platform (’cause forget trying to cram all our best candid moments into a 15-second window), and boy, are we glad they did — how ELSE are we supposed to watch our favorite stars showing off their best DIY skillz? Kristin Chenoweth is taking full advantage of the new features, for one, as is Courtney Sixx, and we’re loving every second of the results. That’s not to say a good ‘ole still shot can’t get the job done, though — check out Taylor Schilling’s amazing new wallet (+ SEVEN more rad celeb DIYs) below!

1. Taylor Schilling: The OITNB star proves you don’t need to spend a mint on your accessories to own, uh, “designer” things. Here, she proudly showcases a brand spanking new DIY wallet — aka a plastic baggie marked “Dior.” Dying. (via @tayjschilling)

2. Tiffani Thiessen: Tiffani shows us how to make our own little spring terrarium on her website, with the finished product coming out a little something like this. Love! (via @tiffanithiessen)

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Call me Chef Kristin! #CookingWithKC

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#CookingWithKC... part 2! #shakeit

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3. Kristin Chenoweth: Kristin Chenoweth cracks us up with this hilarious two-part Insta video, showing you step by step how she makes a salad: “Get that crap all in there,” she says. Forget the shorts — when is this becoming a series? We want more, chef Kristin! (via @kchenoweth)

4. Jennie Garth: The former 90210 actress wishes us all a happy Friday, saying “I wish you could smell these homegrown beauties.” Us too, Jennie! Us too. (via @jenniegarth)

5. Hilary Duff: Hil lets us in on her home life with this sweet snap entitled: “#RealRealLife moment…always <3 making a homecooked meal (with a little help from Campbell’s!) #ad” (via @hilaryduff)

6. Olivia Munn: Olivia Munn is stoked to show off these slippers knit for her: There’s just one teensy, tiny problem. “I guess she doesn’t know that I [unbound] my feet six years ago,” she teases. *lolz* It’s the thought that counts? (via @oliviamunn)

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The adventures of baby sitting

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7. Khloe Kardashian: Aunt Koko doesn’t mess around when it comes to her babysitting duties. Check out this spread she set up for her nieces and nephews! (via @khloekardashian)

8. Courtney Sixx: It’s no secret that Courtney Sixx has a bit of a green thumb when it comes to flowers. Here, she shows us all how to make an average rose into an exceptional one by simply pulling back its petals a bit — if you can see past that glaring bling on her ring finger, that is! Yowza! (via @how2girl)

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Featured photo by Dave Kotinski/Getty