Must-see TV? That soon could be Taylor Swift鈥檚 new tagline. It turns out people enjoy watching the singer鈥檚 music videos more than most network shows. According to new data from Nielsen and Vevo, people would much rather watch TayTay 鈥淪hake It Off鈥 than, say, Modern Family or The Big Bang Theory. The study compared music videos with ratings for CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox shows, and found that Swift鈥檚 catalog of music had a larger audience than all but one network TV show, according to Variety. With 18 million US viewers watching Swift鈥檚 videos the week 鈥淏ad Blood鈥 debuted, we aren鈥檛 too surprised. With Swift you get drama, comedy, singing, a #girlsquad of models and, of course, so many sequins and crop tops. Sorry Shark Tank, but you just don鈥檛 have that (though The Bachelor might.)

Tay swift

The data also found that Drake鈥檚 videos were watched by close to 6 million US viewers during the week that 鈥淗otline Bling鈥 came out, beating a number of hit TV shows. Rihanna鈥檚 videos were also watched by nearly 6 million viewers when 鈥淏*tch Better Have My Money鈥 came out this past summer.

Vevo VP of research Andrea Zapata told Variety that these results do not mean TV is dead, though it definitely indicates that how we consume entertainment is changing, especially with all these new media platforms.

As for the one show that Swift couldn鈥檛 pry eyes from? NCIS: Los Angeles. Apparently Swift has got nothing on Chris O鈥橠onnell and L.L. Cool J solving crimes. Apparently the NCIS crowd doesn鈥檛 appreciate cat Instagrams as much as the rest of us. Weird.

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