After news broke yesterday that the American Civil Liberties Union was challenging Taylor Swift after the singer’s lawyer threatened legal action against a blogger, many other entertainment writers have come forward with their own stories of facing the “Bad Blood” star’s legal team.

The situation that came out on Monday involved an editor named Meghan Herning and an article published on PopFront called “Swiftly to the alt-right: Taylor Swift subtly gets the lower case ‘kkk’ in formation with ‘Look What You Made me Do’.” While it might be a little obvious why the Grammy winner would be unhappy that such a piece exists, the letter her lawyer sent to Herning to address the issue had no legal backing, according to the ACLU.

However, now it seems as if this isn’t the first time that the singer’s team has sent out this kind of letter. In light of the PopFront case, a number of others in the media have taken to Twitter to share their own experiences.

“*Also we got a similar wacky letter from Swift’s attorney,” said Marlow Stern, of The Daily Beast, while Kevin O’Keeffe of Into claims that “Swift’s team has always been incredibly quick to correct what they perceive as mistakes in the press.” Kevin Fallon, also of The Daily Beast, backed that up, stating, “we’ve gotten the same letter. it’s upsetting to receive! heinous that her team does this.”

Though sometimes it seems as if Swift’s reps will go after anything that doesn’t necessarily show the singer in a good light. Writer Carey O’Donnell tweeted, “Taylor’s people once requested I take down a post where I imagined her storyboarding a European vacay with Tom Hiddleston.”

Even if the allegedly mistaken or misconstrued details are tiny, the megastar’s people will apparently get right on it, insisting that publications immediately alter certain points or completely remove the problematic piece.

And according to writer Courtney Enlow, you should probably be careful if you wade into the celeb feuds that involve the “…Ready for It” phenom. The 27-year-old may not directly address her fiery sitch with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian or Katy Perry, but that doesn’t mean that she’s not aware of and fully on top of the, er, narrative.

Writer Anne T. Donahue (who sometimes writes for Brit + Co), also had an experience with Swift’s team, which she explained in a tweet, saying, “Taylor’s lawyers once also requested (see: insisted) I take down a piece where I criticized her political apathy! WHAT A DELIGHT!”

Justified or not, it seems like you should definitely tread lightly when you write about Taylor Swift. That is, unless you’re willing to take on her high-priced lawyer.

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(Photo via Frederick M. Brown/Getty)