Have you ever dreamed about quitting your day job? So many more of us are turning our passions into profit by making and selling things online. With more and more small businesses popping up all the time, payment app Square shared a recent study on the best cities across the country in which to run your small biz.

According to the study by the National Small Business Association, nearly half of all small business owners expect steady growth in the next six months. 75 percent of those surveyed said they had every confidence that their business would grow — a number that hasn’t been this high in almost five years. The boost in confidence could be due to apps like Square, websites like Etsy and the ever-growing list of digital opportunities available to small businesses across the country.

The study also looked at which cities are best for small businesses, and we were surprised at some of the results. Buffalo, a city we didn’t expect to see, made the list, as did St. Louis. One city we’d love to run a business from, Honolulu, made the top 10.

Top Cities Business Growth_Square

Don’t know about you, but we’re already dreaming of all the fun small businesses we could run out of these cities.

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(Image via Square)