Another season of The Bachelorette is coming to an end, and while we know Rachel Lindsay is engaged, we still don鈥檛 know which lucky man put a ring on her finger. (We might have a hint, though, thanks to the could-be major spoiler Astrid Loch let slip.) For now, it鈥檚 still anyone鈥檚 game, with Peter Kraus, Bryan Abasolo, and Eric Bigger still in the running (although Bachelor Nation thinks Abasolo is the front-runner). Here鈥檚 what we know about Lindsay鈥檚 final three suitors.

Rachel Lindsay at the ESPYs

Peter Kraus

The Wisconsin native has quickly become a fan favorite this season, with many people begging ABC to make him the Bachelor if he doesn鈥檛 end up with Lindsay. That might be complicated, though, since he has said he doesn鈥檛 see the need to rush into an engagement after such a brief courtship on the show.

According to his ABC bio, the 31-year-old personal-training business owner-slash-model is the tallest of the final three men, at six-foot-three. (Abasolo and Bigger are both six-foot-two.) He鈥檚 also the only one of the men with tattoos: a Celtic family knot on his shoulder, a cross with an 鈥淚nto Your Arms鈥 banner on his arm, a buck on his chest, and an Ironman symbol down his ribs.

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Speaking of Ironman races, Kraus has completed three, meaning not only did he swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and run 26.2 miles 鈥 but he did all three of those things in a row. In one day. Three. Times.

On a more personal note, Kraus is open to endless puppy cuddles from his dog Daisy and is a dedicated uncle to his brother鈥檚 children, who know him as 鈥淯ncle P.鈥

Bryan Abasolo

Abasolo has had no problem charming Lindsay this season. But the 鈥淒r.鈥 title on his Instagram isn鈥檛 there because he鈥檚 a doctor of love 鈥 he鈥檚 actually a chiropractor in his hometown of Miami. (Although, given that he went for the kiss during his first real conversation with Lindsay and then earned the first impression rose, we can understand the confusion.)

An only child, Abasolo is close with his extended family and wants more than one kid of his own someday. His ideal number is three: two boys and one girl. As he imagines in his ABC bio, 鈥淎 boy needs a little brother and they both can protect their sister.鈥

Other highlights: He is not into dates who talk with their mouths full and use the wrong fork, and he says his top three attributes are that he鈥檚 鈥渁ffectionate/passionate, personable/charming/funny, kind/good heart.鈥 (That鈥檚 more than three, but we鈥檒l let it slide.)

Abasolo has a bit of an edge over the other two, as he has already met Lindsay鈥檚 friends. He also asked for her mom鈥檚 blessing to propose. (Bigger did the same; Kraus asked for her blessing to 鈥減ursue a relationship.鈥)

Eric Bigger

The Los Angeles-based personal trainer hasn鈥檛 been shy about his tough upbringing, and Lindsay has been immensely interested in him telling his story. However, his independent nature has made her wonder if he鈥檚 ready for a lifelong commitment.

Regardless, the 29-year-old definitely makes her laugh, and his self-proclaimed 鈥渓ife of the party鈥 title has taken center stage during their time together.

According to his ABC bio, Bigger would love to spend a day in self-help guru Tony Robbins鈥 shoes, but since he can鈥檛 do that, he鈥檚 following in Robbins鈥 footsteps by pursuing motivational speaking and writing two e-books, Quotes to Shape Your Life and 100 Days of Wisdom.

Bigger also says in his bio that he can鈥檛 tolerate 鈥渘egative people,鈥 which became evident earlier this season when Lee Garrett tried to drag him into some drama before a huge blowout with Kenny King. Bigger would much rather focus on positive things, such as meeting his childhood crush Tori Spelling and passing on his dance moves to the next generation.

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