From sourcing the best virtual stylists to styling up 10 basic rules for rocking jeans, we’re always up for delving into a little dose of men’s fashion here at Brit + Co. Today, we’re all about customization for dudes in the form of suit lining, cuff links, scarves, pocket squares, and shirts.

1. Custom Suit Lining: This offering hails from across the pond and lets you upload your favorite image into your new suit jacket. That’s right. Any (high resolution) image is fair game!

2. Custom Dress Shirt: Looking for that perfect fit under the suit jacket? Bleu Flamme keeps popping up as the new hot thing in the world of custom dress shirts. You can choose from tons of patterns for every part of your shirt as well customizing just about every measurement you can imagine. They even make a virtual version of your torso after you’ve put your measurements in. Kind of creepy, but we’re guessing the fit is perfect!

3. Bespoke Scarf: We know what you’re thinking. Why would I rock a silk scarf? Well, it’s an easy way to add a punch of personality to any outfit and, we promise, even the manliest of men can pull this look off. Best of all, this service lets you upload any image you like so you can be as subtle or as loud as you like.

4. Custom Map Cuff Links: The occasion for cuff links is rare, but if you’ve got a whole bunch of weddings or other black tie events on the horizon, why not personalize that black suit or tux with your own custom cuff links? Etsy Seller Sherry Truitt has an incredible collection of vintage maps and lets you customize each cuff link with locations of your choice.

5. One-of-a-Kind Pocket Square: With this one, you can’t necessarily choose your own design but you can be sure that your piece is one of a kind. Each pocket square is cut from a large piece of textile and hand-sewn once you order.

Remember, the rule according to Ashton Kutcher is that you should rock one piece of flair each day so you might not to wear all of these items at once… but we probably would! ;)

If you know of any awesome bespoke menswear or men’s accessory companies, let us know in the comments below.