Did you know that tomorrow is Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day? How’s that for an extremely random piece of knowledge? This weekly series of randomness seems like the perfect place to share such an obscure holiday with all of you. Now, to the task at hand. The BritList!

1. Head Over Heels Photo Series: First up, this wacky photo series is called Head Over Heels. Models do impressive headstands, wearing their tops on the bottom and their bottoms on the top. It definitely makes us twist our head around to figure out what exactly is happening in each photo.

2. Dog Butt Magnets ($12): Magnets, in dog butt form. Why not?

3. Redditor Recreates Famous Movie Scenes with His Dog: Speaking of the canine persuasion, this Redditor has taken it upon himself to recreate famously romantic movie scenes with his dog. The Notebook one kills us!

4. Geometric Wooden Carpets: This sculptural form is actually a carpet!

5. Danny Devito’s Limoncello ($50): “Little man, big spirit” — what else is there to say?

6. Lacie Sphère ($490): You should the Lacie Blade Runner edition was baller? Nope. This silver plated sphere is actually baller, pun intended. Created by French silversmith Christofle in partnership with Lacie, each sphere stores 1 TB of space.

7. PET Lamps ($200 and up): These beautiful lamps are each made from one waste bottle and woven with natural dyed palm to form the body of the lamp. Each lamp includes an engraved iron ring which gives is weight and tells customer about the origin and history of the lamp’s components. This project was started to create work for textile artisans from Cauca, who had been displaced by guerrilla warfare.

8. DENY Duvet Covers: We’ve been fans of DENY designs for a while now, and we’re loving seeing their colorful bedspreads (all designed by different artists) popping up on Urban Outfitters. Well scouted Urban, well scouted.

9. Hand Printed Bird Stockings ($37): How fun are these whimsical bird stockings? Each pair is hand printed and sure to add a bit of delight to getting dressed in the morning.

10. Creepy Horse Man Hand Puppet ($17): And finally, as if Horse Head costumes weren’t creepy enough… now there is a Horse Man Hand Puppet. WTF?

What’s the oddest thing you’ve seen online this week? Talk to us in the comments below.