The Olympics are ON! And we’re mostly pumped about the ice skating outfits, but, you know, those snowboarders aren’t too tough on the eyes… ;) But you know why we’re here right now — it’s time for your weekly roundup of randomness!

1. Hangin’ with Homies ($5): Air fresheners that look like hip hop and rap artists. What’s not to love?

2. Energy Gummi Bear Candy ($3): First of all, have you ever tried Perky Jerky? It’s caffeinated beef jerky and it is both terrifying and genius at the same time. And these energy bears are definitely the next level.

3. #Vacation Bikini Bottom ($36): Part of Bow and Drape’s brand new Resort Collection, these bikini bottoms are already on our summer must-have list.

4. Gold-Dipped Playing Cards ($18): Whoa. These are definitely the fanciest playing cards we’ve ever seen.

5. Bags That Look Like Animals (from $38): On the other end of the style spectrum, we’ve got animal face bags. Because, when in doubt you can always put an animal face on it.

6. Gold Medal Bottle Opener ($10): Since you didn’t make it to the Olympics, may we suggest a beer-lympics viewing party?

7. Go Girl Funnel ($13): Take a look at this thing. It’s a funnel made for ladies to pee on the go. For real. It’s reusable, and comes complete with a storage tube and tissue so you can keep everything tidy. Wait, what?

8. Shape Boards (from $75): Part cutting board, part work of art, these beautifully shaped boards (hat tip to Swiss Miss for scoping these out at NY Now) are now on our kitchen dream list.

9. Doorman: Always having your personal packages shipped to your office because you’re never home at the right time? And what about when people send you things and you’ve got a pile of slips from USPS telling you about how they’re sorry they missed you? The worst! Doorman aims to solve that problem through evening package delivery on demand. It’s got a TaskRabbit and Uber vibe to it, and we’re definitely going to test it out. It’s only available in SF for now, but stay tuned.

10. Photos That Look Like Drawings: How crazy and beautiful are these photographs by Cynthia Greig?

Extremely Creepy Bonus: Way Too Realistic Human Font: We debated about whether or not to actually include the image you see below, mostly because it cannot be unseen. We went with “include” and apologize in advance.

What’s the weirdest or most innovative thing you’ve seen online this week? Talk to us in the comments below.