From heart-shaped sugar cubes to cupid’s arrow in the form of bacon, we are bursting at the seams with love this week at Brit HQ. With February 14th less than a week from now, we’re crafting, cooking, and shopping our little hearts out to make sure next Thursday is the best Valentine’s Day ever! But, what would love be without the BritList? Here we go.

1. Cocoon Tree: Considering buying your first home? Perhaps the cocoon tree is the way to go.

2. LED Earrings: LED crystal studs are a geek chic girl’s best friend.

3. Banana Handset: Aside from being awesome, this banana handset is sure to give our old pop phone a run for the money.

4. Ombre Tights: Don’t have time to make your own ombre tights? Buy one of these gorgeous pairs from this recently successful Kickstarter project.

5. Bkr Bottles: “I just hearted.”

6. Lego Ice Cube Tray: Lego people in ice cube form. I smell a Lego-themed jello shot in the works… ;)

7. Infographic: The 20 Biggest Internet Memes Of 2012: We know, you’re wondering where exactly Psy is right now? Well the trick with this infographic is that every meme is contained in a puzzle making it perhaps one of the best timesucks the BritList has ever seen.

8. Deer Antler Handlebars: Much better than a deer in headlights.

9. Colorful Ceramic Bangles: How gorgeous are these ceramic bangles?

10. Light-Up Note Pins: Each of these pins includes a timer so you can tell it when to light up your note. Great if you’re working on a tight schedule and have lots of deadlines in one morning or afternoon. Speaking of notes… if you’re all about digital, check out our roundup of the best note-taking apps.

What goodies have you bookmarked, pinned, or made this week ? Share links with us in the comments below!