Easter prep is in full swing at Brit HQ, and we’re egg-static about all the spring colors starting to bloom here in San Francisco. Of course, we’re also pretty egg-cited about all randomness on today’s BritList so let’s get to it! (P.S. Please send your most egg-cellent puns our way via Twitter.)

1. Thermochromic Denim: Hypercolor is BACK baby! The folks at Naked and Famous have created a brand new throwback pair of jeans that change color based on your body’s temperature.

2. Paper Jam Press: All of the prints on Paper Jam Press are pretty much… our jam!

3. Rando: Described as the anti-social photo sharing app, Rando lets you share photos with total randos! Simply upload photos and they’ll be shared with a total stranger who also just uploaded a photo, from anywhere in the world. Sounds like it could get pretty creepy, but they assure users that they are monitoring all the Rando content.

4. Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner: Remember this awesome doodad? It’s now available for $59 at the Lomography store. Word.

5. Hand-Drawn Desktop Icons: How gorgeous are these illustrated icons? Snag the whole set over on Etsy.

6. Half-Dozen Ceramic Egg Crate: Gettin’ eggy with it! These gorgeous egg crates are the perfect way to display all of your creatively dyed Easter eggs.

7. Thumbs and Ammo: This photo blog has a simple premise: Replace all guns with a thumbs up. Amazing.

8. Kate Spade Wedges: Seriously Kate? Like we needed another item of yours to put on our wish list.

9. Maple Knife Set: Love this maple cutlery.

10. Photos of Squirrels Doing Everyday Things: Lastly, we’ve got a little cuteness for you with just the right amount of creepiness. Anyone who’s lived in the suburbs knows that squirrels run the neighborhood anyway.

What randomness have you uncovered online this week? Share links with us in the comments below.