We could recount some of our favorite posts from this week (Earth Day Mega Roundup, anyone?) or we could just get to the point. Happy Friday folks!

1. Thousands Under 90: Created by Jessica Hische, this is a site for those of us who’ve entered competitions and just never win. In Jessica’s eyes, you’re awesome.

2. Beaded Zanzibar Bib Necklace: Loving the bold hues on this bib necklace – it’s like our tulle statement necklace got crazy colorized.

3. Buddha Butter Dish: Who doesn’t love a zenned out slice of butter?

4. 63 Reasons Why Boy Bands Were Better in the ’90s: Buzzfeed, you’ve done it again. This has to be one of our favorite compilations yet. The caption for this one? [Our boy bands weren’t afraid to] be drenched in glitter. Hear, hear!

5. Dino Memo Holder: Whether or not you need a memo holder for your desk, you have to appreciate the fact that this product photo includes a quote from Mean Girls. I mean, I really do wanna lose 3 pounds by prom.

6. Talking Bellies: Wait, wtf? This is seriously the worst.

7. Stuff-A-Burger Press: On the other end of the spectrum, this might be the best. We love the idea of using it to make tricked out mushroom and turkey burgers too!

8. Unicorn Sprinkle Shaker: First question: Why aren’t sprinkles a standard seasoning on your kitchen table? Okay, that’s actually our only question.

9. Inflatable Unicorn Horn for People: Speaking of unicorns, this exists. It’s an inflatable unicorn horn for people. We’re not sure that the “for people” part is necessary but we’re really digging how easily you can take it on the go.


: How beautiful are these handmade tapestries? We just want to snuggle all up in ’em! (Thanks to our friends at

for the Etsy detective work.)

Bonus! Shark and Duckling: How on earth does that cat stay on the Roomba?!

What awesomeness have you seen on the Internet this week? Share links with us in the comments below.