Good morning Brit + Co. readers! This week’s been all about prepping for summer. We did our take on the ’90s catch and toss, showed you tons of hot maxi skirts, and made a surprisingly delicious batch of strawberry balsamic rosemary ice cream. Of course, we’ve always got room for a hearty dose of ridiculousness on this fine Friday. Enjoy this week’s BritList!

1. Pizza Compass: First up, the Pizza Compass, which is basically a glorified Yelp filter created exclusively for finding pizza… now! Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

2. The Hashtag Banner: For events that need Twitter-friendly quips, there is now the hashtag banner. #itwasonlyamatteroftime

3. YouTube Trends Map: Curious about what folks across the country are watching on YouTube this week? This map will show you the hottest videos by geography. This week’s winner? Dead Giveaway. Watch it. Now.

4. iFlask: Our new favorite flask on the market? A flask that looks like an iPhone. Liquor disguise tactics have reached a whole new level.

5. Signature Necklaces: Ready to take the name necklace trend to a way more personal level? For $195-$295, you can turn your own signature into a gorgeous silver pendant. So cool. We wonder if they could do this for short quotes as well! Would be a fun gift to give or get from a close family member. (And a great belated gift for Mother’s Day!)

6. Boxer Brief 365-Pack: Hate doing laundry? You can order 365 pairs of undies at once – just $3,250. Kind of insane amount to spend on undergarments, but it does come out to less than $10 a pair. And we have to admit, those bright colors are kind-of-awesome.

7. Drive It Like You Stole It: Need to make your daily drive a little more edgy? Want to pretend like you’re running from the law? This absurd (but kind of awesome) tutorial shows you how to make it look like your key is actually a screwdriver. For those who want to live on the edge, but don’t want to go to jail.

8. Tweeting Birdhouses: These birdhouses are hooked up to Twitter so that they actually tweet when you do! We love this physical take on digital communication.

9. Dots: If you haven’t played Dots yet, stop reading this, download it immediately, and don’t be surprised when you come back to reality an hour later. This one is totally addictive.

10. 12 Hrs Guides: Is a long layover in your future? Or you simply want to hit up a bunch of cities in a short period of time? The 12 Hrs Guides are great for getting a half-day tour in the world’s coolest cities.

11. Travel Hoodie Pillow: Remember when we featured the hoodie pillow? Now it comes in travel size! Amazing. Almost amazing as this dude who looks like the product of Ben Affleck + Luis Guzmán.

12. Adventurers Banner Card: The summer air has us dreaming of all sorts of adventures! We love this whimsical card. Perfect to send to that special someone.

And if you missed it, check out our Today Show segment on Wacky Products You Have to See to Believe, inspired by the BritList.

What’s the quirkiest or coolest thing you saw online this week? Share links with us in the comments below.