It’s been a big week here at Brit + Co. In case you missed it, we launched a brand new shop!! If you haven’t perused the beautiful items from all sorts of awesome makers yet, you should probably schedule a lunch meeting with yourself… like now ;) And you know what else? It’s almost LONG weekend time. Let’s kick it off like we always do, with the BritList.

1. Figure It Out: First up, a find from one of our favorite design blogs, Swiss Miss. You know you can do it.

2. Giant Gem Speaker ($40): Ummm, it’s a giant gem-shaped speaker. What’s not to be madly in love with?

3. Cash Cats: What’s your newest favorite microblog? If it’s not Cash Cats, well… tell us what it is in the comments below!

4. Cur8ed and Colored: Our latest Instagram crush is @Cur8ed, a stylish feed of ’90s fashion spreads on poppy colorful backgrounds.

5. Rubik’s Cube Light ($51): Still celebrating the Rubik’s Cube’s 40th? That’s kind of a weird thing to turn into a full-week celebration but… we won’t judge you. And we’ll gift you with this.

6. #RapShirtsForWhitePeople: We bet you can think of a friend to buy this for in less than 60 seconds.

7. S’mores Roasting Rack ($20): Seeing as Memorial Day weekend is the first (unofficial) weekend of summer, it’s time to get your s’mores on.

8. Hush Pods: Feel distracted in your open seating workplace? Then maybe your company should invest in a few hush pods.

9. Double Robotics Telecommuting Robot ($2,499): Always dreamed of being a literal talking head? This whopper is available in the Brit + Co. shop (it’s real) and is pretty darn amusing.

10. DIY X-MEN Magneto: And finally, the dude that made DIY Wolverine Claws has now made shoes that walk on the ceiling. Which brings us to…

Happy Friday folks!