Good morning there! How was your week? Ours was filled with shakes that make us want to shake it, color block fans, and seriously swoonworthy engagement rings. But you know what it’s time for now? The Britlist, duh! :)

1. Rappers & Cereal: This might be one of the best things we’ve ever seen on Mashable, and they have a LOT of good stuff. I mean, Luda Crisp? AMAZING.

2. Modern Colored Pencils: A gorgeous set of modern colored pencils for any beautiful desktop.

3. @ppreciate: This cool web app delivers an inspirational piece of type whenever you need it. Save onto your desktop or share with friends via Tumblr, Facebook, or Twitter. Leave the snarkiness behind.

4. Soccer Ball Smoothie Maker: Wow. It is finally time we harness the energy that goes into kicking around a soccer ball and turn it into a smoothie-maker, right? Not sure about this one but there you have it.

5. Sharkini: Cue the theme song from Jaws. The second best part of this suit is the ’90s chain that holds it up at the top.

6. Enamel Envelope Pin: Thanks to Swiss Miss for unearthing this beautiful piece celebrating analog mail. We don’t wear pins that often around here, but this might make us start!

7. Artisan Canoe Paddles: You might be thinking, canoe paddles are extremely random. BUT, look at the beautiful patterns on these bad boys. Don’t they make you want to repaint something in your home? Perhaps your desk?

8. Splash Chopping Board: We can’t decide if this feels like something out of Dexter, but we love how it looks with a whole bunch of tomatoes just waiting to be chopped.

9. Notebook Sheet Set: Get it, notebook sheets? Hehehehehe.

10. Cat Whack-a-Mole: Um wait, can we play this? So good.

What wacky things have you seen online this week? Share links with us in the form below.