If you’re reading this on mobile, we hope it’s because you’re on your way to Re:Make, our DIY conference here in San Francisco! Wherever you happen to be checking out our site, we hope you’re ready for your weekly dose of randomness. Happy BritList day!

1. Vintage Camera Lens Bracelets: How gorgeous are these? Created from actual vintage cameras, these one-of-a-kind cuffs would make a great gift for your favorite shutterbug.

2. Get Sh*t Done: Couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

3. Tide Self-Washing T-Shirt: Created with college students in mind, Tide has just released a shirt that only needs water to be washed. Tough to tell if this is just a marketing ploy or a real product we’ll be able to buy, but we’re intrigued.

4. Game Vending Machines: There is something about a vending machine that’s tough to resist. It’s a bunch of stuff you want, like, right there. In this case, Google has release its first-ever Google Play game vending machine, where you can buy games for your phone just as you’d buy snacks in the basement of your dorm.

5. Eau de Toast: A hilarious invention by the Federation of Bakers in London, this limited edition fragrance was created to put “bread back on the catwalk” during London Fashion Week. We love the note on their site:

We received an overwhelming response and unfortunately the limited edition Eau de Toast samples are now sold out. If you weren’t lucky enough to receive an exclusive bottle, why not make your own aroma by lightly toasting bread at home?

6. Go Taxi Flats: Kate Spade would create a pair of flats inspired by a classic taxi. So New York!

7. Inflatable Concert Hall: Designed to bring performances to Japan’s disaster-struck Northeast, this inflatable concert hall holds up to 500 people, and can be easily packed up and taken to another location via truck. The possibilities for exclusive pop-up concerts are pretty exciting.

8. 3D Print in Brass and Gold: We need to get a metal-printing 3D printer up in here! Shapeways has just announced a brand new material on the 3D printing block. Brass in three different finishes – DIY jewelry, here we come.

9. Zipper Art: This whimsical series by artist Jun Kitagawa is all about creating playful art in public spaces. Each site-specific project reveals normally concealed areas, such as a building’s framework or a secret passageway. Very cool.

10. Boxxle: Boxed wine can totally look classy, thanks to Boxxle. It’s a 3-liter premium box wine dispenser designed to make weirdly shaped “bags” of wine a thing of the past.


: Soccer


Star Wars? Your inner middle schooler just died and went to heaven. And then woke up in trig class.

12. YouTube Music Awards: Last up, a brand new awards show, this time on YouTube! The brainchild of YouTube, Spike Jonze, and VIC, the 90-minute awards show will award winners based on YouTube data and user votes.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen online this week? Share links with us in the comments below.