Boom! If you’re lucky, you are almost on holiday break right now! Doesn’t it just make you want to throw on a galactic cat-themed sweatshirt and dance your face off to Robyn? (Yes, we’re STILL on a Robyn kick even though it’s been more than three years since Body Talk came out…) In any case, today is a day worth celebrating and what better way to do it than with the BritList?

1. New York Doughnut Map ($8): If you live in New York and like donuts, well, you probably need this map. Then you will have a “hole” donut world right in the palm of your hand!

2. Pop Danthology 2013: Who knew that the 68 hottest pop songs actually sound better together?! This mashup is one for the record books, for sure.

3. Galactic Cats for Men and Women: Urban Outfitters is kind of killing it in the absurd clothing department, and we want to spend our entire holiday break in these sweatshirts.

4. Beautiful Hexagonal Wall Storage: Have you ever seen a more awesome storage situation? It’s colorful, geometric, and gets you more organized. #winning

5. Bolt Bench: Speaking of brilliant organization moves, why not turn a few fabric bolts into the back of a bench?

6. Dogs in Cars: Pet photo series are definitely our jam, and these dogs are definitely having an awesome time.

7. Wipebook: The best way to describe this is it’s a whiteboard in notebook form. But, the ink sticks a little more than a dry erase board so you can sketch freely without worrying about erasing your work. When you’re ready for your next brainstorm, use the special eraser to reset the book!

8. Vintage Yuletide on ModCloth: We stumbled into this section of the ModCloth site and just cannot look away. Weird vintage things in a weird holiday setting = awesome.

9. Reverse Photoshop Turns Beautiful Woman into Santa Claus: Ad agency Victor & Spoils have taken Photoshop to the next level. You might recognize this image. It went viral a few weeks ago as an animated gif, showing the retouching process of turning a perfectly beautiful woman into an unrealistic Barbie. And now, they’ve gone in reverse and turned her into a fat and jolly St. Nick!

10. Houndton Tabby Prints ($22): And finally, Downton Abbey in CAT form. Meow!

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen online this week? Share it with us in the comments below.