Top of mind this week? Brit Kits! As you likely saw yesterday, we’ve revealed the contents of October’s kit and had quite the packing party on Monday. Aside from going candy bar crazy, here are a few odds and ends we ran into this week.

1. Zaarly Outsourced Halloween Party: Don’t have the patience to put together Eyeball Cake Balls or an Ombre Candy Corn Cake? Outsource it! Zaarly has a fun promotion going on specifically geared towards festive ghouls and goblins.

2. Recycled CD Waterlilies: You know we love us some repurposing. This gorgeous installation of waterlilies was made with old CDs! So cool.

3. Pants Planters: We know there’s a good pun here somewhere. Pants. Plants. Planters. Panters?

4. Animal Staple Removers: We’re not sure what profession calls for fancy staple removers ($78 a pop!) but we are definitely digging these ferocious beasts.

5. LED Shoes: Came across these darlings when we were scouring the web for awesome DIY LED projects. Designed by Francesca Castagnacci, these heels are infused with fiber optics and LED lights.

6. RunPee: This app tells you when the best times to pee are during any movie!

7. Things Organized Neatly: We always love checking out this blog and often turn to it for photographic inspiration. Today we’re digging LEDs!

8. Salted Karamel Vodka: This came out this summer, but somehow we are just seeing it now. AMAZING.

9. Do What You Love: Brit + Co. motto.

10. Remote Control Heated Insoles: It’s about to get chilly! Rock these heated insoles and turn up the heat when things get frosty.

What would you like to see on the next BritList? Talk to us in the comments below!