Can you believe Memorial Day is next weekend? We admit it, we’re probably a little too excited about the unofficial start of summer. From putting flowers in popsicles to adding colorful streaks to our hair with chalk, this week has been all about unusual combinations that turn out beautifully. Here are a handful of innovative, silly, and delicious odds and ends we found along the way.

Bow Tie Artwork: While searching online for our quintet of unusual bow ties, we stumbled across this series of Bow Tie art works by New York based artist Nicholas Ruiz. Love the legos!

Wooden Popsicles: Now this just seems cruel, but since it’s popsicle week we kind of love it. It would make a great paperweight or desk accessory

Foldable Speaker Concept: This concept, by Design Affairs Studio, is brightly colored, portable, and requires no battery power. It’s small enough to slide into your iPad or laptop case, and aesthetically pleasing enough to act as a permanent speaker system on your desk.

Dude No. 1 Beard Oil: That’s right. Oil for beards. Basically a way for ladies to get their dudes to smell good without suggesting they use Cool Water cologne.

Floppy Disk Coasters: Remember all those AOL floppy disks you used to get in the mail? Before the CD-rom version? Did you happen to save them for no real reason? If so, stay tuned for a DIY inspired by these Floppy Coasters in the coming weeks.

Neon Ice Cream Swirl: We can’t figure out where this image originally came from (let us know if you know!) but we’re swooning over the neon ice cream awesomeness.

Herbivore Conference Room: As you may have seen, we’ve got creative planters on the mind. This plant-themed conference room at Foursquare’s NY headquarters is terrarium-tastic!

Kinetic Creatures: Kickstarter’s been killing it lately on the creative front. Today’s favorite project is a set of three walking cardboard animal sculptures that anyone can assemble. Such a fun project for kids! Wouldn’t be surprised to see something similar to this pop up on

Bike to Work Day: Today is National Bike to Work Day! Hopefully you’ve outfitted your wheels with one of our favorite bike gadgets so you can ride in style. And if you don’t have wheels of your own, check out Spinlister and rent a pair for the day.

Making Macarons: This week our team headed over to Baking Arts in SF to learn how to make traditional French Macarons from scratch. The macarons were delicious, fairly simple (with the right tools and an awesome instructor) and have our culinary brains all in a tizzy over what off-the-wall macaron recipes we can cook up at HQ. We definitely recommend taking a similar class in your city!

Stumbled across anything awesome this week? Share it! Leave us a note in the comments below or send bits of goodness our way on Twitter or Facebook.