And just like that, it’s May. Summer’s right around the corner, winter is far behind us and people everywhere are reminiscing about Justin Timberlake’s strange pronunciation of “me” in ‘N SYNC’s seminole classic, “It’s Gonna Be Me.” Now let’s get to the news at hand — here are 11 things that made us look this week.

1. Croissant Garlic Bread: Created by Dominique Ansel, the inventor of pop-culture-pastry the Cronut, this newest foray into flaky pastries makes our mouths water.

2. Air-Walking Flamingo Balloon ($24.95): Dude, this flamingo balloon walks. And it’s taller than me, so there’s that.

3. Dessert Rodeo: This clever little doodad by Eater will help you invent the next cronut!

4. Rifle Paper Co. x LeSportsac: What?! We need all of this ASAP.

5. Vodquila: A vodka and tequila hybrid? Scary.

6. Diamond Air Plant Terrarium Kit ($65): This gorgeous gem of a terrarium is the perfect gateway into gardening. Plus it doubles as art!

7. ITUM 3D Printed Glasses: These glasses are designed and 3D printed to fit YOUR face! Lenses are interchangeable (so you can just carry your sunglass lenses in your purse!) and the frames appear to be virtually unbreakable. (h/t Design Milk)

8. Dirt Pattern Material: Created by Mair Wennel, this pattern is made from a selection of common stains from everyday life, like grass, red wine, bike oil, etc. Such a cool concept. (h/t swissmiss)

9. Designer Cookies: THESE ARE EDIBLE. Seriously. And they are the most beautiful cookies we’ve ever seen.

10. Happy Habitat Throws: Who knew it was possible to fall in love with a throw blanket?

11. George the Standing Cat: And finally, the cat that is currently breaking the Internet ;)

Sorry, we had to. Happy May Day!