Happy Friday Brit + Co. fans! It’s officially starting to feel like Fall around the office these days, with Pumpkintinis a-flowin’ and summer interns bidding us farewell. While we treasure hunted online for the best examples of wearable tech and taught some of you folks how to tie a bow tie, we ran into these 10 bits of silliness along the way.

1. DIY Calculator: Bored of how your regular old TI-85 is looking? Design your own! Ok ok, most of us probably use our phones as a calculator but this is a great gift for back to school-ers and a fun way to add flair to your desk.

2. Pencil Sharpener Veggie Peeler: Speaking of school supplies getting a creative makeover, we’re loving the look of this pencil sharpener veggie peeler. So many pretty shapes!

3. Recycled Keyboard Clutch: Our hunt for wearable tech charmingly led us to this number, which we probably have to try making.

4. Cassette Wallets: The same hunt led us here and we’re never turning back. While it would sadden us to hurt our old mix tapes, once I’ve copied them to my iPod (with this handy device) it only makes sense to repurpose.

5. Two Portable Saunas: That’s right. TWO portable saunas you can order on Amazon prime. Those at home spa treatments just got a heck of a lot fancier. Go for the lay down foil wrap or keep an active stance with this standing number. Strange product photos but pretty sweet product.

6. Do Your Best: Thank you Swiss Miss for finding this banner. We love the vintage style and motivating message.

7. Motivational Quotes: Speaking of motivation, did you catch our quote of the week this week? Written by Maya Angelou and designed by Brit + Co., prepare to see more bits of inspiration in the coming months.

8. Animal Tees: But let’s get back to silliness. The Internet is in love with these Animal Face tees, and we’re happy to join the crowd.

9. Alphabowties: Word nerd alert! Why didn’t we think of turning our old Scrabble tiles into bow ties?

10. Cardtorial: Looking for a totally unique handmade card or wedding invitation? Laser cut wooden cards to the rescue! And if laser cut wood isn’t unique enough for you, why not try your hand at finding some laser cut veggies?

11. LEGO Phone: We can’t admit we’re not geeking out about the newest iPhone debut, but we just got word that the first LEGO phone prototype has been leaked and we’re crushing hard for it. Sure, it might have spotty service, but at least you can put it back together if you drop it and it falls apart.

12. Animal Photobombs: While you’ve probably been photobombed by a dumb friend before (don’t worry, there’s an app that can fix that), it’s likely you’ve never been photobombed by an animal. Unless you’re one of these 35 people. We can’t get enough of the new animal photobombing meme — send us your pics if something like this has ever happened to you!

13. 15 Aim Messages You Definitely Had Growing Up: AIM away messages. You know you had them. Do you resonate with any of these? We are specifically nostalgic about #3, #9 (SmarterChild!) and #13. You?

And that’s all she wrote. Er, that’s all we wrote! Have an awesome weekend, and be sure to share any awesome links you find along the way.