March is off to a swell start here at Brit HQ, thanks to the launch of our very first book, Homemakers! If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, you still have ONE DAY to cash in on a bunch of freebies, so get on it. Once you’re done with that, head back here for your Friday dose of randomness.

1. #Dressgate Tee ($22): Well this was inevitable and, fortunately, it’s a lot cuter than the actual dress.

2. Chatty Feet: How cute are these? On the top left we’ve got Danny and Sandy, then Kate Middle-toe, Don Cottone and Commander Awesome. (h/t Swiss Miss)

3. Scratch and Sniff Wallpaper: Banana-patterned wallpaper that smells like bananas is… BANANAS!

4. Hello There Doormat ($25): Oh, hello there.

5. Crocheted Shorts for Men: This innovation in the world of men’s shorts is very important. (h/t Bustle)

6. Do One Thing Well ($54): Hear, hear.

7. The Traveling Library: To celebrate World Book Day (yesterday, March 5!), 7UP and Buenos Aires-based artist Raul Lemesoff created a traveling library that has been touring Argentina, and resembles a tank, aka a “weapon of mass instruction.” (h/t designboom)

8. New Colors for 2015: This cheeky cartoon from the New Yorker proposes a different set of colors for 2015. Bunion FTW…? Ick.

9. A Fashion Pilgrimage to Salvation Mountain: Colors, patterns and fashion, oh my. This editorial spread for Paper Magazine takes a journey to Salvation Mountain, the gorgeous explosion of color located in the lower desert of Southern California. Created by Leonard Knight, the project promotes love through vibrant hues depicting flowers, trees, hearts, suns, birds and more.

10. Citron Lidded Basket ($66): Think outside the Easter basket.

11. #LikeAGirl, Stronger Together: Remember Always #LikeAGirl? This motivating team is back and has created a video highlighting a collection of #LikeAGirl videos submitted by users from around the world. Watch it and get inspired to keep kicking ass, like a girl.

Have a great weekend!