The good news is that it’s Friday. And it’s not just Friday — it’s the Friday before the first unofficial weekend of summer! Even though summer doesn’t officially begin for another month, Memorial Day weekend always kicks it off right. Around Brit HQ there’s talk of girls’ trips to Palm Springs, couples’ camping in Northern Cali and even a jet set adventure to Sweden. Before we completely check out for the day though, let us turn our attention to the task at hand: the BritList.

1. 49 Students Animated Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”: Thought you’d seen your share of Taylor Swift music videos this week? Wrong. This impressive project, created by 49 University of Newcastle animation students, is comprised of 2,767 frames of hand-drawn rotoscoped animation footage. So cool.

2. Wes Anderson-Themed Wedding: What do you do when you wish your life could be as hipster as a Wes Anderson movie? You stage a wedding shoot to make it a reality.

3. The Legoland Hotel Is Off the Chain: I mean. WHAT? So much color, so many Legos and so many ways to hack your own room!

4. DIY Shibori Tote and Pouch Kit (with littleBits free add-on!) ($30): In case you missed it, we recently partnered with littleBits and GE to create a brand new exclusive edition of our Shibori Tote and Pouch Kit. Not only do you get everything you need to create a hand-painted faux shibori tote and zip pouch, but we’re throwing in a littleBits kit (valued at $99). Now you can engineer your tote to light up so you can find all your everyday tools and essentials. The littleBits Base Kit includes 10 beginner-friendly magnetic modules that snap together to form neat little circuits. Make your DIY creations buzz, blink and illuminate with no need for soldering, wiring or programming.

5. Knit Ottoman by Claire Anne O’Brien: I think @TurkeyTemps would look pretty perfect atop this pouf.

6. Bill Nye the Science Guy on Netflix: Need to brush up on your elementary school science skills?

7. Rainbow Waffles: YOLO. (h/t Huffington Post)

8. Now You Can Subscribe to Sriracha: You know how every single week it seems like there’s a new way for the world to consume our collective Sriracha obsession? Well now there’s a monthly subscription for that ;)

9. Your Utensils Can Now Double as Bottle Openers: Dubbed Brew Cutlery, this collection of forks and knives is made for beer lovers.

10. Tinder Baby Onesie ($20): And finally, a onesie for the modern love story. Or something. (h/t Mic)

Have a great weekend!