Most of the time when we set out to shop, the motivation doesn鈥檛 stop at 鈥淚 need a dress鈥 (I said most of the time). It鈥檚 more like, 鈥淚 need a dress for鈥︹ that summer wedding, beach vaycay or your S.O.鈥檚 office cocktail party. Those sartorial scenarios often mean that there鈥檚 a weekend-long commitment of boutique-hopping ahead of us, or at least an evening spent going down a rabbit hole of online shops. In other words, the search for the perfect outfit isn鈥檛 very busy-girl friendly, unless you鈥檙e hooked up with The Dress Movement, the style delivery service that plans your outfits for every event on your iCal for you.


Think of The Dress Movement founders, BFF duo Audrey Leoncio and Shirin Moftakhar, as your savvy style advisors. Each week, the two of them style out a slew of dresses and separates to suit certain seasonal to-dos to make your decision process a breeze. And it is: From that point on, all you have to do to get your perfect 鈥淐oncert in the Park鈥 or 鈥淒esk to Dinner鈥 outfit is point and click. The garments you see in the pic get boxed up along with a surprise accessory and bonus beauty product (you guyyyys!) to complete the look and are sent straight to your door. Once the package is in your possession, all you have to do is slip on shoes and you鈥檙e good to go.


The Dress Movement鈥檚 ready-to-go outfits stay convenient from beginning to end. Pieces start at an affordable $69, and shipping and returns are always free. Welcome to a life of nailing the dress code every single time.

What delivery or subscription service saves your butt on the regular? Name drop your faves in the comments below.