As a new mom, morning workouts seem like a distant memory of something you used to hate doing, but now would love the luxury of doing. As if. Even trying to incorporate some Victoria Secret’s Angels wellness tips such as carrying almonds as a healthy snack seems like a stretch. But soon (we promise), you’ll nail your mommy morning routine and be back to exercising. Even better: You’ll have a fantastic new workout partner — your kiddo!

The love coming to the park

A study out of England suggests that kids who engage in physical activity do better in school, and developmentally, it helps their brains function. While we know that studying is an important part of learning, researchers found that taking time away from class does *not* result in lower grades. Exercise in many forms is beneficial for kids, from walking or biking to school to recess time. Plus, cardiovascular activities like playing soccer or running boost brain development AND promote self-worth and team building with their classmates.

Working out shouldn’t be limited to an occasional gym class, and the study says that public parks, playgrounds and active bike lanes that are readily available at school would be a great and accessible way for all students to get moving. In addition to the cognitive benefits of exercising with your kids, there’s the added bonus of lowering their risks for diseases like type 2 diabetes or heart disease. Walking your kids to school or biking in the neighborhood after school are simple ways to make sure they get that much-needed brain boost. Plus, what a great way to spend quality time together!

3 Tips for Exercising More With Your Kids

Taking care of body

1. Work out *with* your kid. Try using these kid-focused YouTube workouts every day for a week. The varied workouts — from yoga to weight training — will keep you and your sidekick from getting bored. And they’ll appreciate having a workout buddy too.

2. Deck their bikes with cool gear. Bike accessories have gotten way cooler over the years. Cute polka dot or princess helmets, tassels for their bike basket and attachable chalk so they can draw during stops make bike riding even more fun. Getting kids on their bikes will show them that working out doesn’t have to feel like a chore.

3. Talk positively about your own bod. It can be easy to grouse about “those extra pounds” in front of your kid, but a parenting expert suggests that if you want your child to feel good about their body, you should lead by example. Another study found that commenting on your daughter’s weight and how much she eats adversely affects her weight as an adult, so model good behavior for yourself AND your kids.

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