Cookie monster won鈥檛 like this news and neither do we: Although we鈥檝e always known that eating raw cookie dough isn鈥檛 the best thing in the world for you, now the FDA is saying that it is in fact a total no-no. Issuing a warning against eating the guilty pleasure, here is the scary reason why you should no longer indulge in raw cookie dough.

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The FDA has sent out a warning after dozens of people across the country have become brutally ill with a strain of bacteria called Shiga toxin-producing E. coli O121. Yuck and yikes!

In their statement , the FDA informed consumers that an 鈥渋nvestigation found that raw dough eaten or handled by some of the patients was made with General Mills flour produced in a Kansas City, Missouri, facility. Subsequent tests by the FDA linked bacteria in a flour sample to bacteria from people who had become ill.鈥

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And it鈥檚 not only cookie dough you need to worry about, but any kind of raw dough and various kinds of mixtures. That would include pizza dough, tortilla dough and cake batter.

Here are a few tips from the FDA:

No dough for you. Do not eat any raw cookie dough (don鈥檛 do it!), cake mix, batter or any other raw dough or batter product that is supposed to be cooked or baked.

Follow flour directions. Follow package directions for cooking products containing flour at proper temperatures and for specified times. We know it鈥檚 hard to resist when those cookies start to smell yummy, but wait until that timer dings.

Wash up. Wash hands, work surfaces and utensils (and anything else you鈥檝e used) thoroughly after contact with flour and raw dough products.

Keep raw bits separate. Keep raw foods separate from other foods while preparing them to prevent any contamination that may be present from spreading. BE AWARE that flour can spread easily due to its powdery nature.

Follow dough directions. Follow label directions to chill products containing raw dough promptly after purchase until baked. That is, unless you intend to whip 鈥榚m up right away.

This may not be your favorite news, but at least you can still eat the cookies once they鈥檙e done baking and all hot and gooey and yummy. Mmm, cookies!

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