We were undeniably excited when we were given hints about Rory鈥檚 possible relationship status in the Gilmore Girls reboot, but we will totally admit that the news buzzing around Luke and Lorelai is making us downright giddy. First, hints about a possible pregnancy popped up, and now Luke himself, or rather actor Scott Patterson, has let us in on the fact that we are about to be privy to 鈥渢he scenes to end all Luke and Lorelai scenes.鈥 OMGeee!

Luke and Lorelai _ Gilmore Girls

鈥淲e did it in one of these four chapters,鈥 Scott told Us Magazine, referring to the four new episodes that will each focus on a season during the span of one year. While addressing where things stand with Lorelai Gilmore and her love, Luke, he hinted at some pretty big milestones. 鈥淭here are two that are penultimate Luke and Lorelai scenes. It will be the scenes to end all Luke and Lorelai scenes.鈥 Whoa! That sounds HUGE. Will one scene be a wedding? Perhaps the other will be a baby? Please! Please! Please!

Luke and Lorelai _ Gilmore Girls

Though Scott knows what the outcome will be and claims they 鈥渁re just fantastic,鈥 he also admits that he hasn鈥檛 actually seen them, 鈥渂ut I鈥檝e been told,鈥 he assures us. No doubt, Scott, no doubt.

We鈥檒l just have to wait and see for ourselves when Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life hits Netflix on November 25.

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(h/t Vine Report; photos via Gilmore Girls)

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