Monday night’s first Presidential Debate is still giving us so many golden moments. While we all watched HRC take down Trump live, one musician saw his opportunity to turn some of the night’s best moments into an earworm that not only will stay stuck in your head for the whole day, it’ll give you something to think about that isn’t Donald Trump’s makeup for the night.

In “The Hillary Shimmy Song,” musician Jonathan Mann combines soundbites from the debate with all our fave gifable moments into one totally quotable song, most notably featuring Hill’s hilarious and joyous shimmy. He points out all the moments that will go down in history, including her The Office-like Jim Halpert moment, her hilariously exacerbated, “Whoa!” and of course, the perfect, beautiful shimmy we’ve all come to adore.

We definitely think that this is the perfect song for work. Whenever anyone is giving you grief, talking over you or generally being braggadocios, maybe you should just sit back, relax and shimmy.

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(Photo via Justin Sullivan/Getty)