There are so many good ways to stream movies and shows, not only is it near-impossible to keep track of, it’s hard on your wallet to keep up. We get it. Unless you’re sharing passwords with your friends and confidants to get access to it all, you’ve probably only got one or two services you’re shelling out for. That’s why we’re super thrilled that a brand new streaming service is launching. Here’s the best part: IT’S GONNA BE FREE.

What channel is it on?

Vudu, the streaming service provided by Walmart, is now coming out with Vudu Movies on Us. If you can put up with some commercial breaks in your binge watch, you’re in for a treat. Vudu Movies on Us is not really going the whole Amazon/Netflix route and making their own content. They’re just going to focus on distributing big, blockbuster movies.

And the movies are going to be gooooooood. Mad Max, True Grit and School of Rock will all be on the premiering roster. All of the movies will be available in 1080p HD and come with options for surround sound, when available, Vudu has said. Plus, you’ll be able to watch them on your computer, TV or mobile. Now please excuse us while we test out that whole “the best things in life are free” theory.

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(h/t Tech Crunch; photo via Getty)