Did you get a new iPhone for Christmas? Lucky thing! You鈥檝e probably spent the last couple of days setting it up: importing your music, contacts, photos, messages, everything you need to make it feel like it鈥檚 your own. But there鈥檚 one last step you probably missed. It鈥檚 a step that even many of the most well-seasoned iPhone owners don鈥檛 know about, but we鈥檒l let you in on the secret.

Group of friends using their mobile phones outside a shop.

Your phone鈥檚 3D touch can be customized to let you call your favorite people directly from your home screen. To set up your favorites and have them appear in 3D touch when you hold the 鈥淧hone鈥 app icon, head into your phone app and hit 鈥淔avorites.鈥 Then hit 鈥淓dit鈥 in the top right corner. Once you鈥檙e in edit mode, you鈥檒l be able to drag your favorite contacts around in any order you like.

Now here鈥檚 the important part: The top four people that you choose here will be instantly accessible when you 3D touch the phone icon (so choose wisely). Once you鈥檝e selected your top four 鈥 and you feel a proper tinge of nostalgia for MySpace 鈥 close out the app and press and hold the 鈥減hone鈥 button. Your four favorite people should appear right away. When you press their picture, your phone will automatically start calling. It鈥檚 never been easier, right?

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