Calling all color lovers!聽Instagram is filling our feeds with tons of bright聽spring imagery, and we鈥檙e here to share *all* the creative love. We鈥檙e talking whimsical interiors, vibrant accents, and pigment-infused backsplashes (AKA everything you need聽to inspire some bright seasonal vibes). Give these 鈥榞rams a try and we promise you鈥檒l be dousing your space聽in fab聽hues before summer arrives.

1.聽@littlebigbell: It鈥檚 hard to pass up an award-winning IG, especially one聽that doesn鈥檛 skimp on color. Expect to see five-star interiors, exteriors, and every nook in between.

And just in case you doubted my gallery wall obsession....

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2.聽@kailochic: DIYer and decorator extraordinaire Kara shows聽her passion in her聽pics. Find everything from聽clever projects to fun entertaining tidbits聽in a聽totally creative feed.

3.聽@xuzzi:聽The power of pink is v. evident here. If you aren鈥檛 already in love with聽the hue, you will be after a scroll through these bubblegum- and blush-filled photos.

4.聽@cestmarie: This聽UK-based photographer captures her love of聽pastels in scenes around her city (think: candy stores, coffee shops, and聽even commuter trains.)聽Curious to see where she goes next? Give聽her 鈥榞ram a follow.

5.聽@houselarsbuilt:聽The more florals, the better, obvs!聽From indoor gardens聽to jewel-colored interiors, no bloom聽is left unused in this IG.

6.聽@teamwoodnote:聽With so many intricate聽elements, this stream聽is pretty much聽a playground for the eyes. Subtle statements聽keep it rooted in sophistication, while miscellaneous flashy walls keep the feed fun.

7.聽@sophlog:聽Between this feed鈥檚 vivid backdrops, candy-colored props, and pics of *actual* sweets, you鈥檒l feel聽like you stepped into a聽game of聽Candy Land.

8.聽@sugarandcloth: This popular blogger showcases whimsical living rooms, bedrooms, and backyard setups alike. Visit her feed and聽you鈥檒l come out聽with a little more聽cheer than聽you went in with.

9.聽@judithinwonderland:聽Judith鈥檚 Insta-wonderland boasts a feed of whimsy, quirkiness, and a little magic. Lucky for you, her practical design ideas can be copied and sprinkled around your abode.

10.聽@happymundane: Catch a dose of Cali inspiration with images聽that incorporate serious west coast vibes.聽If you鈥檙e craving those oceanside feels, consider this account your decor go-to.

11.聽@designsponge: Sit back, relax, and pour yourself a glass of bubbly as you soak up the color-happy style of this designer.聽Grace Bonney might as well be the queen of great interiors 鈥 and her hue-filled feed will have you hooked聽in no time.

Channeling those pink vibes in the #pspastels feed from @ameliamariel.

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12.聽@brittnimehlhoff: Minimalism can still be majorly colorful, and Brittni Mehlhoff will prove it to ya. Her posts are聽packed with style mixes, like bright accents in聽all-white interiors and color-blocking in聽neutral spaces.


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13.聽@anablizz:聽For those who enjoy a little order with聽their聽imaginative聽palettes, have聽a look-see here. Featuring structured shots of indoor and outdoor scenery, this collection will put you at ease knowing that color doesn鈥檛 have to mean聽chaos.

14.聽@thetiffanypratt: You鈥檒l probably聽sign up for an art class after feasting your eyes on the handmade prints and pigments from Tiffany Pratt. Until then, you can just drool聽over her positively聽gorg creations.

15.聽@randomactsofpastel: There鈥檚 something *so* soothing about a feed full of pastels. It鈥檚 like you聽can still get your color intake, without feeling overly energized. If you agree, this baby is a must-follow.

16.聽@studiobicyclette: Here鈥檚 anaccount that can only be described as聽one thing: magical. Its聽beauty lies in the light and whimsical imagery.

17.聽@whorange:聽The gal behind this lens knows where to go for some bright beauty. Whether you鈥檙e hunting for inspo or just out to gawk, you鈥檒l def聽fall in love聽with her eye for exploratory聽design.

18.聽@lovelyindeed: The IG handle says it all. A couple thumb-flicks through and you鈥檒l be heading聽to your聽nearest craft store to recreate all the gorgeous accents.

19.聽@britandco: When you need a cool new聽DIY, some聽interior inspo, or a just good ol鈥 quote to boost your #girlpower, we鈥檝e got you 鈥 in every shade of color possible.

20.聽@housepluslove: It鈥檚 all in the details here.聽Between centerpieces, wall art, and tabletop trinkets, you鈥檒l see that it doesn鈥檛 take much to bring a聽springy aesthetic聽to your space.

21.聽@creativekipi: Talk about house #goals. This art director gives you a peek inside her color-clad聽world, one Insta聽at a time. And let鈥檚 just say, we鈥檇聽do anything to be part of it.

22.聽@elsielarson:聽If your space feels a little stale, take a note from Elsie Larson鈥檚 book. Florals, cacti, and the occasional cocktail display聽abound to help you refresh your home this season.

23.聽@brightbazaar: Who knew NYC could be so colorful? We sure didn鈥檛! The color-blocked alley walls and jewel-toned cafe furniture will have you ready to book a trip to the Big Apple ASAP.

24.聽@thecraftedlife:聽Are you fearless when it comes to playing聽with color and patterns? Then you鈥檒l adore the stream of lively palettes and unexpected pops of color here.

25.聽@studiodiy: Life is a party, and聽we鈥檙e following along with the festivities on this聽鈥榞ram. The bold聽tablescapes, cheery wall displays, and sweet treats sprinkled along the way make for one celebration you won鈥檛 want to miss.

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