We can’t think of a more romantic moment in movie history than when Lady and the Tramp kiss, connected by a single strand of spaghetti, slurped between their fluffy snouts. Want to relive it with your significant other? We have a less messy, surprisingly more convenient, admittedly weirder way to achieve the same sorta feeling… the Napkin Table!

We know you’ve been on the lookout for new contraptions that take your picnic game to a whole new level, and, um, this may or may not be it.

The highly portable Napkin Table starts out folded up about the size of a laptop case.

You open it, unfold it across your laps and then you and your dining partner each slip the straps around your respective necks.

It hangs in between you like a hamburger-holding hammock.

The Napkin Table features cup holders, a switch that steadies the table between you two and little pockets to keep your utensils in place.

And don’t forget the napkin part — the bib-like sling keeps your clothes safe from flecks of food, likely even messy Italian.

See, just as romantic as pups eating spaghetti in an Italian restaurant! We’re not sure if the napkin table is the lap desk of 2014, but we do appreciate a contraption that lets you eat on the go. We like the idea behind it, too — the point of literally connecting you and your dining partner is to connect you for better conversation over a more enjoyable meal shared together. Notice how there’s no pocket for your phone? That wasn’t an oversight. Watch it in action below:

What do you think — is the napkin table WTF or OMGINI (“omg, I need it”)? What weird innovation have you had your eye on?

(h/t + Photos Design Boom)