The Nightmare Before Christmas will always be on our list of the best ‘90s movies to watch (specifically on Netflix), and to be honest, we always assumed it was the type of film that stood alone in its particular brand of fabulous freakiness. Now that’s about to change, as a sequel to the beloved-yet-dark stop-motion musical film has just been announced. There’s a catch, though: It’s not going to be a movie.

In a rare exception — the only time director Tim Burton has ever allowed anyone else to use the rights to his cult classic — manga publisher Tokyopop will be producing the first Nightmare Before Christmas comic book, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero’s Journey will continue the original tale, which saw Jack Skellington, a resident of Halloween Town, fall through a portal to find himself in Christmas Town. This time around, we’ll be following the adventures of Skellington’s dog, Zero, as the pet finds *himself* lost in Christmas Town.

Set to be released first in serialized full-color single issues, Zero’s story will later be combined into full-color trade paperbacks and black-and-white pocket-sized manga volumes. They’re scheduled to launch in the spring of 2018, 25 years after 1993’s The Nightmare Before Christmas captivated and creeped out fans.

And while this (unexpected) sequel will definitely pique fans’ interest, io9 is speculating that this could be just the beginning. If Burton likes what he sees with the comic and is willing to experiment a little more with the Nightmare Before Christmas universe, perhaps another movie *will* happen sooner or later. Maybe even in the form of a live-action flick, considering those are so very popular these days.

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(h/t Fox News; photo via Joel Fletcher/Online USA/Getty)