Losing an earring always sucks. Whether they’re tassel earrings, jaw-dropping statement earrings or really earrings for any type of piercing, it’s sad to think of the little treasure lost in the world and leaving its matching buddy behind. But when that earring holds a special meaning, it’s that much worse. Take, for instance, Olympic swimmer Kathleen Baker, who happened to lose one of her earrings while competing in the world-class events.

Kathleen Baker _ pearl earring

Where others would shrug and perhaps shed a tear over their lost item, this particular earring was too important to give up on. That’s because these pearls are Kathleen’s signature AND lucky charm, which is why the Olympic folks actually sent in scuba divers to recover the needle in a haystack — or rather, a pearl in the pool.

It all started when Kathleen, a Team USA member, was competing during Sunday’s preliminary swim. That’s when she apparently lost one of her hard-to-miss pearl earrings sometime during the race.

Sparking an #EarringSearchParty hashtag, scuba divers were actually suited up and sent in to find the missing pearl. Luckily, they were successful, and the earring was quickly returned to Kathleen, who nabbed the silver in the Women’s 100m backstroke.

Congratulations, Kathleen, for the medal and for getting your precious pearl earring back!

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(h/t UPI; photos via Al Bello/Getty)