The Reason This News Anchor’s Swimsuit Pic Has Gone Viral Is So Awesome
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The Reason This News Anchor’s Swimsuit Pic Has Gone Viral Is So Awesome

As body positive as we all try to be, it’s not always easy to be kind to ourselves, especially when bikini season rolls around. Cultural pressure, self-comparisons and warped perceptions can have us feeling not-so-great about ourselves. When news anchor Erin Kiernan had a totally relatable moment struggling with her body, she came to an epic conclusion and decided to share it with the world. Her message is one we all need to hear: Put on your damn swimsuit.

As an anchor for Iowa’s WHO-TV, Erin is no stranger to physical critiques, having formerly been shamed for her post-baby exhausted selfie (SMH!). She recently shared a pic via Facebook of herself in a bikini, taken two years ago. Erin reflected on the self-criticism elicited by the photo — all she saw was cellulite and stretch marks. She added, “During the last holiday weekend I posted a link to a wonderful essay called, ‘Put On Your Damn Swimsuit.’ The next day I felt like the biggest hypocrite.”

She goes on to explain that after a recent meltdown over none of her swimsuits fitting, she felt “frustrated and ashamed and angry about the way I looked. Then I felt frustrated and ashamed and angry for feeling those feelings.” Oof. We feel ya, girl.

She continues, revealing various examples in her life of amazing women who ALL have issues with their bodies. Erin states that she realizes fighting external influences seems beyond our abilities at times in a society that pressures women to be as perfect as possible (according to totally wonky standards, btw).

But we CAN fight them, and we should be as positive about our own bodies as we are about others. Erin concludes that, going forward, she will try to monitor her inner monologue as well as what she says out loud in an effort to put an end to this kind of negativity. Her final words — a total mic drop — were, “Feel good, friends. And put on your damn swimsuit.” Darn right!

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(h/t Cosmopolitan; photos via Getty)