Everybody has an opinion on app-based dating. Some people have found their soulmates online, others have sworn it off completely off a bad experience and now even restaurants are starting to weigh in. And it’s not good.

Loving couple in a romantic dinner

According to some restaurateurs, couples on first dates will take up table space for hours at a time while only ordering the bare minimum. (Nobody wants to be sloshed on a first date.) The two-person party is taking over restaurants and pushing out larger parties that would order more. And it seems like there’s data to support it: The National Restaurant Association confirms that there’s been a shift toward smaller dining parties over the past few years. And Tinder reports that the apps’ users go on 1.3 million dates per week.

While some restaurants are redesigning their spaces to better accommodate first daters, many are just plain frustrated. To be clear: Restaurants aren’t against dates. They just want you to get in and out or just order more if you’re taking up a table for a long time. Basically, they just want people on dates to be aware of what’s happening around them.

And PSA: PDA at the table can make everyone uncomfortable.

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(h/t Fortune, photos via Getty)