When it comes to shopping, there is NOTHING more annoying than having to tell a pushy salesperson (or multiple) that you aren’t in need of assistance, over and over and over again (except maybe enduring the aforementioned while pregnant). While we’re all for helping a sister out when necessary, for the most part, we can make our own minds up about whether or not that hot new shade of potter clay goes with our skin tone, thank you very much.

Shop owner passing bag of meringues, to customer at farmers market

Which is why were are nothing short of ecstatic to hear about these brilliant shopping carts that allow you to tell store employees without so much as a word whether you will or won’t be requiring assistance.

Spotted by a Reddit user, the baskets feature a green or orange sign on the side that tell the store employee that either “you can do it yourself” or “you need help.”


As BuzzFeed point out, it’s kind of a win for the salesperson, as well (which is a good thing, considering it’s ranked as THE worst job for your health), since they won’t be wasting time on someone who doesn’t want their help, focusing instead on those that do.

There’s still some kinks to be ironed out (what if they run out of the cart of your choice? What if you change your mind?) but overall, we think it’s a long overdue win.

As far as we know, the carts are currently only being used at a makeup store called Innisfree in Japan, but the concept is more than simple enough for stateside stores to adopt, with what we imagine would be relatively low cost. Here’s hoping that they make their way to the US sooner rather than later!

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(h/t BuzzFeed, photos via hand_/Reddit + Klaus Vedfelt/Getty)