You know that old saying about truth being stranger than fiction? This news story just may have proved that theory once and for all.

In what seemed like a strange mix between OITNB and a TLC reality show, six Texas inmates broke out of their cell for an amazing reason that left us absolutely flabbergasted. Seriously: We haven鈥檛 been this shocked by a story in a long time (at least since we learned that some fast food meals are actually kinda healthy).

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Here鈥檚 the rundown: When a jail guard looking after eight inmates inside a District Courts Building in Weatherford suddenly stopped speaking and slumped over, it quickly became clear he was likely suffering from a heart attack. The men he was tasked with guarding then did the unthinkable. They broke out of their cell to save his life.

prisoners 2

As can be seen in a six-minute long video obtained from the Park County Sheriff鈥檚 Office by BuzzFeed, after trying to yell for help and realizing that no one could hear them, the eight inmates made a bold move as they found a way out of the holding room to check the man鈥檚 pulse. Finding it gone, they began to make as much noise as possible to catch the attention of the people inside the courtroom above them.

What鈥檚 equally impressive is the reality that, in trying to save the guard鈥檚 life, they were actually endangering their own. As inmate Nick Kelton told WFAA, 鈥淲e were worried they [were] going to come with guns drawn on us,鈥 he said.


His fears weren鈥檛 unwarranted: When guards finally came in and saw the men standing over the lifeless body of the guard, they had no idea what was happening. Luckily, they didn鈥檛 jump to any conclusions. 鈥淲e were going to call 鈥樷淢ayday鈥 or something,鈥欌 Kelton added in his interview.

As Capt. Mark Arnett later told the news outlet, the prisoners likely saved the guard鈥檚 life. 鈥淗e could have been there 15 minutes before any other staff walked in and found him,鈥 Arnett explained, 15 minutes that the guard may not have been able to afford. He is now recovering and expected to return to work next week. All thanks to a selfless act of kindness that came from a truly unexpected place.

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(h/t Buzzfeed, photo via Frank Micelotta/Getty and Park County Sheriff鈥檚 Office)