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Stock images taken by real photographers can drastically improve the quality of the content that media makers are producing and sharing. There is just one issue: There has been a major lack of diversity in them. This is why Porsha Antalan, founder and contributor, and Mahogany Brown, brand strategist, decided to create BRWN Stock Imaging, a new stock photo service that exclusively features people of color.

Created to combat the underrepresentation of people of color in advertisement and media, Antalan explains via an email interview that there has been an outcry among minority communities, specifically the African American community, to see more of themselves in print, television, and film. With so few stock images of women of color being shown “living, laughing, working, and loving,” BRWN Stock Imaging has made it their mission to provide stock images of real life situations that do just that.

When the site made its debut in June, Antalan was the sole contributing photographer, shooting and curating over 200 photos for the Atlanta-based company. Since then, the site has had numerous photographers reach out to see if they could contribute.

“It has been exciting to see how many people want to be involved and contribute their images to the site,” Antalan told us via email.

Typically speaking, the range of what’s available of stock images for people of color is lackluster, leaving those who are searching for them with even fewer options. Once BRWN Stock Imaging rolled out last month, many users online were ecstatic.

Antalan explained in our email interview that over the last few years, there has been a growing movement to create more stock images of people of color. “I do think companies and brands need to be held accountable for the images they portray. It’s 2017, with so much access at your fingertips via the internet and social media; there is no excuse for ignoring the diversity of your audience.”

We’re excited to see how BRWN Stock Imaging will grow and continue to put these incredible, representative images directly in front of the masses.

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(Photos via BRWN Stock Imaging)