You’ve spent hours browsing baby boutiques, online shops, and big box stores. You’ve read all the blogs and books. You feel pretty on top of this whole baby registry thing, and now you’re spending the better part of a weekend picking out onesies, choosing a car seat, and deciding on crib sheet patterns. Guess what? You forgot some stuff. Not the binkies, the blankies, or the big ol’ teddy bear your kiddo clearly will need. There are a few not-so-obvious items you’ll feel lost without. Check out the goods and gear you probably forgot, but will definitely want!

1. Sound Machine: Ah, sleep. It’s not just you who’s having trouble dozing off. The “whoosh, whoosh” of your heartbeat and the gentle “shh” of the amniotic fluid are gone now that your baby is on the outside, and she’s missing those sleepy-making sounds. A white noise machine simulates the pitter-patter of rain, the lull of ocean waves, a dryer rotating, a vacuum whirring… you get the idea.

2. Cool-Mist Humidifier: Whether baby’s room is dry or she just has a stuffy nose, a humidifier is a must. No mama wants to see (or hear) her little one suffer. This sometimes overlooked registry item isn’t “essential,” but it is a major helper. Why go with cool mist? There’s less of a chance that a wandering toddler will burn herself without the hot vapors.

3. Batteries: The swinging chair; the vibrating seat; the baby monitor; and just about anything else that moves, beeps, makes some sort of noise — anything electronic needs batteries. Sure, your BFFs are buying you the gear — but are they grabbing the batteries too? Probably not, especially if they aren’t parents themselves. Take stock of the batteries you’ll need for all the stuff you’re getting and add ’em to your list.

4. The Next Size Up: This applies to everything: diapers, clothes, socks, bottle nipples, and anything else that comes in graduated sizes. Your baby won’t be a newborn forever, and you’ll need a bigger size of, well, everything before you know it.

5. Daddy Diaper Bag: That super-stylish tote you registered for looks almost like a real purse! Here’s the problem — Daddy wants to take baby out, and he doesn’t want to toss something on that looks like it just walked off the spring runways. So pick out a dude-friendly diaper bag (or let him choose one) and add it to your registry.

6. Gift Cards: Sometimes you’re not sure exactly what you want. Hey, it’s your first baby, and you don’t know who or what to believe. Registering for gift cards lets your friends and family give you something that’s a bit more present-ish than cash, while still letting you choose your loot. Gift cards can also come in handy if you’re not finding out or sharing the baby’s gender. Instead of registering for pink bedding or blue bath towels, you can wait until after the baby’s born to choose.

7. Bath and Hygiene Products: Some of your friends might not have the budget for a self-leveling car seat or a motion-sensor video monitor. You need baby bath products anyway, so registering for them gives your gift-givers the chance to buy something you’ll use without spending an entire paycheck on it. Shampoo, baby wash, lotions, and rash creams are all baby hygiene items your newborn will need.

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